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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Posted 4 months ago by robinjack
baby strollers with high traction rollers should be much safer to use compared to those with plastic wheels,. more info
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The trappings of the season often distract us from the reason. If you're tired of the holidays by the time it's Christmas, then you haven't been celebrating Advent. What is Advent? Let's start with what it's not. Advent is not decorations, shopping, wrapping, pictures, parties, stressing, or the receiving of gifts. Advent is waiting, expecting, observing, praying, hoping, and preparing for the arrival of Christ, first as Child and Savior, and then as returning King. The Advent tradition is observed the four Sundays before Christmas when we commemorate Christ's birth and anticipate Christ's return. It's intended to clear our minds of holiday distractions by preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ. The holidays may bring the burden of expectations but Advent brings the Joy of expectation. Instead of longing for Christmas to be over, start longing for Christ to arrive. Contemplate and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas -- Advent, a season of anticipation.