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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Deal or No Deal

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Today we are told that truth is relative, that morality is a matter of opinion, and that life is whatever we make it out to be. For the person who desires to walk with God, life can seem like swimming upstream against the current of compromise. Yet the world of compromise is not something unique to this culture. The book of Judges gives us an account of those who faced similar challenges. Some did well. Others did not. What can we learn from their victories and failures? How do we stay faithful to God while engaging in our culture? How do we reconcile the unconditional love of God with His uncompromising commands for holiness? How do we avoid the slippery slope of license without falling prey to legalism? Can I be truly free to live life to its fullest and yet walk closely with God? Join us on during the months of May & June as we learn to swim upstream from this insightful book of Judges!