Hope Community Church
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Our Leaders

Wayne (Lead Pastor) & Ollie Okamoto
Wayne: B.S. in Biology from Penn State, MDiv. from Trinity, 19 yrs. on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (including 3 yrs. with Church Dynamics), 5½ yrs. on staff with the Village Church of Gurnee, started Hope Community Church in 2004. Loves to run & eat, fish & eat, watch college football & eat, & eat

Ollie: B.S. in Psychology from Georgia Southern, 21 yrs. on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (including 3 yrs. with Church Dynamics). Loves to be outside, garden, read, be with people, and experiment with cooking (did you ever have roasted kale chips?)

Children: Hannah, Christin, & Justin

“I’m excited to see God touch and change lives here at Hope! I’m also grateful for the wonderful community of people He has brought together. There is no greater joy than doing life together with people you love!”


Wayne Okamoto


Jim & Cheryl Stewart (Worship Directors)

Jim and Cheryl both came to Christ at young ages and immediately began to answer the calls on their lives that would, by God’s wonderful grace, bring them together not only in ministry, but as husband and wife.

Before coming to Hope, Jim and Cheryl had both been involved in Christian work and music. Cheryl graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a major in music and Jim co-founded the group “Providence.”  For over 10 years, they held evangelistic concerts throughout the Midwest in a variety of concert venues, high schools, camps, and churches, as well as ministering to maximum security inmates at the Cook County Jail.  They have been with Hope for 7 years and love to lead God's people in lifting up the name of Jesus in worship and praise.

Jim is also a Biblical Counselor. He has a heart for hurting people and is presently involved in counseling couples who are struggling in their marriage, as well as counseling men with a variety of addictions.


 Shepherds Team (adult small group leaders):

Brandon & Riyanti Boyd
Brian & Karen Clements
Chris & Barb Feucht
Dave & Kellie Green
Kelly & Beth Griffin
Wayne & Ollie Okamoto

Ministry Leaders Team (leaders of specific ministries):

Brian Clements (Financial Team)
Wayne Okamoto (Children’s Ministry)
Cheryl & Jim Stewart (Worship Ministry)
Christ Feucht (Ministry Prayer Teams)
Gina Rehberg (Coffee Team)
Jean Raine (Welcome Ministry)
Jim Stewart/Tony Raymond
(High School/Middle School Ministry)
Kelly Griffin (Men’s Ministry)
Riyanti Boyd (Women’s Ministry)

Mary Skelton (Prayer Ministry)
Ollie Okamoto
(Nursery/Preschool Ministry)
Sandy Buckler (Nursery/Preschool Ministry)
Wayne Okamoto (Pastor)

Elder Board:
Brian Clements

Jim Stewart
Wayne Okamoto